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Many people in the world claim their skin is sensitive. Skin sensitivity can be innate or acquired due to unfavourable external factors, e.g. exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, stimulants or using inappropriate cosmetics. For this reason increasing number of people reach for specialist dermocosmetics for sensitive and allergic skin, available in pharmacies.
In 2002, to satisfy the needs of people seeking effective and safe treatment, Iwostin Laboratory created Iwostin dermocosmetics.
Iwostin products are dedicated for sensitive, allergic and demanding skin, e.g. with capillary problems, acne lesions or discolourations. They provide comprehensive treatment of face and body. Their efficacy and safety is due to optimal combination of modern active agents used in the composition, and tests conducted in national research centres. Available in pharmacies.

(source: iwostin.pl)